Welcome to the Rumford Club

Originally formed in 1947 to address mainly technical topics around air movement such as air conditioning, it has developed a broader view of potential subjects within the building
Willis Carrier at Rumford with Founding Chairman Bernard Oldham, 1947 (3rd and 4th from left at back)
engineering services sector. The club provides an opportunity for professionals from the field of building environmental control - typically known as HVAC&R (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)- to meet and debate the issues of the day.

The club was named after Count Rumford who was born as Benjamin Thompson in America in 1753 and went on to become a Fellow of the Royal Society.  He achieved popular acclaim for his inventive design for domestic fireplaces.

Regular dinner meetings are typically held in London and normally have a keynote speaker presenting on their field of expertise. Recent speakers have covered topics as various as 'The countRumford.gif
The benefits of a Rumford Stove
Life and Times of Count Rumford' through to  'Engineering Sustainable Architecture' and 'Are you sure climate change is the biggest threat to mankind'.

It is a club for members involved in all aspects of building services engineering including consultancy, contracting, manufacturing, education and research. It aims to be inclusive rather than exclusive.  Dinner guests are welcome.

There are no age restrictions although members are expected to have sufficient experience in the industry to contribute to the activities, reputation and well-being of the club.